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ERP, MMN, P50, schizophrenia, prodrome, MEG

Converter之Frontal Delta Power

Frontal delta power associated with negative symptoms in ultra-high risk individuals who transitioned to psychosis Schizophrenia Research 2012; 138(2-3)  Pages 206-211
Prodrome 知名大咖澳洲Patrick D. McGorry研究團隊的作品

  1. Although resting state EEG cannot, by itself, predict transition to psychosis in UHR individuals, the combination of resting state EEG with negative symptoms may be a valid predictor of transition. The present study investigated whether treatment with omega-3 PUFAs influenced resting state EEG in UHR participants, and whether or not the association of the participants’ resting state EEG with their levels of negative symptoms was dependent on their transition status. (繼續閱讀…)

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