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英國研究團隊於2012年January出版在Schizophrenia Research; 134(1)Pages 42–48的Reduced mismatch negativity predates the onset of psychosis

  1. 41 cases meeting PACE criteria for the At Risk Mental State (ARMS) and 50 controls performed a duration-deviant MMN. The amplitude of the MMN wave was compared between groups using linear regression. The ARMS subjects were then followed for 2 years to determine their clinical outcome.
  2. The MMN amplitude was significantly reduced in the ARMS group compared to controls. (繼續閱讀…)


這篇Nicotine dependence and serum BDNF levels in male patients with schizophrenia是北京研究團隊、刊登在Psychopharmacology (2010) 212:301–307上的文章

  1. Smokers之Positive symptoms較低
  2. 煙量越大:Negative symptoms越低
  3. 上述發現,與nicotine-induced upregulation of BDNF有關

P50與symptom dimension!

2005年,一群法國人發現比起PANSS負性總分低的55位schizophrenia patients,PANSS負性總分高的31位schizophrenia patients具有significantly increased T/C ratios[P50 inhibitory gating deficit is correlated with the negative symptomatology of schizophrenia. Psychiatry Research. 136 27-34]

不過同年New Mexico研究團隊(MXHuang, Michael Weisand)同時做ERP(P50)與MEG(M50),最後發現Negative symptom與P50無關,但卻與M50有相關      M50 sensory gating predicts negative symptoms in schizophrenia. Schizophrenia Research 2005 Mar 1;73(2-3):311-8.

一樣是用MEG:這一篇1998年[Resersal of cerebral asymmetry  in schizophrenia  measured with magnetoencephalography]認為reversed left-right asymmelry與PANSS general psychopathological score有相關

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