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老化、MMN與information processing



(摘錄自 Rissling and Light et al., 2010)

(摘錄自 Rissling and Light et al., 2010)


Nonparametric statistical testing of EEG and MEG

E. Maris, R. Oostenveld / Journal of Neuroscience Methods 164 (2007) 177–190.

按照作者的觀點:cluster correction algorithms 可以correct for multiple comparison because it is the only one that correctly control for type I error rate. (繼續閱讀…)

一篇很好的概念整理:The Development of Neural Synchrony and Large-Scale Cortical Networks During Adolescence: Relevance for the Pathophysiology of Schizophrenia and Neurodevelopmental Hypothesis

這一篇是德國Peter J. Uhlhaas and Wolf Singer的之新文章,刊登於Schizophrenia Bulletin vol. 37 no. 3 pp. 514–523, 2011

  1. modifications in the amplitude and synchrony of neural oscillations during adolescence that may be crucial for the emergence of cognitive deficits and psychotic symptoms in schizophrenia
  2. Schizophrenia is associated with impaired parameters of synchronous oscillations that undergo changes during late brain maturation。也就是說:In schizophrenia, late maturational processes are aberrant and networks fail to express precisely coordinated network associations
  3. Large-Scale Disintegration of Cortical Network Activity就會造成精神症狀 (繼續閱讀…)

P3a: the Novelty P3

Butterfly Plot, P3a, MMN與MGFP  Gregory A. Light (2007)J Cogn Neurosci.  October; 19(10): 1624–1632.

2001年刊登在Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews 25 (2001) 355~373的Review文章The novelty P3: an event-related brain potential (ERP) sign of the brain’s evaluation of novelty

  1. 認為P3a與MMN均代表對於Novelty之反應(這是gating in嗎?)
  2. 但也又說明 P3a與MMN了之不同處
    1. As the degree of deviance increases, MMN amplitude increases. However, although a significant MMN is elicited
      by both small and large deviants<<—->>a significant P3a is elicited only by the large deviant,
    2. 也就是說:MMN does not appear to redirect the involuntary capture of attention or orienting, the P3a does!
  3. 注意看圖喔:他的P3a畫得比MMN大!


  1. Auditory event-related potential indices of fronto-temporal information processing in schizophrenia syndromes: valid outcome prediction of clozapine therapy in a three-year follow-up International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology (1999),  2, 83~93.
  2. A.Rissling與 Greg Light的2010新作[Neurophysiological Measures of Sensory Registration, Stimulus Discrimination, and Selection in Schizophrenia Patients] in Neal R. Swerdlow Editor: Behavioral Neurobiology of Schizophrenia and Its Treatment
  3. Wynn, J. K., C. Sugar, et al. (2010). “Mismatch Negativity, Social Cognition, and Functioning in Schizophrenia Patients.” Biological Psychiatry 67(10): 940-947.

MMN之source analysis

這一篇Rinne文章:先activate Temporal MMN generator,其次才activate frontal MMN generator. Separate Time Behaviors of the Temporal and Frontal Mismatch Negativity Sources.NeuroImage 12, 14 –19 (2000)

再看看這篇作者群為韓國之Optimized Individual Mismatch Negativity Source Localization Using a Realistic Head Model and the Talairach Coordinate System .BRAIN TOPOGRAPHY 15(4)233-238.Kyoo Seob HaTak YounSeog Weon KongHae-Jeong ParkTae Hyon HaMyung Sun Kim and Jun Soo Kwon

  1. 24 subjects
  2. The MMN generators were clearly localized in the superior temporal gyri, especially in Heschl’s gyrus, according to each individual’s structural MRI. Only 37.5% of subjects showed the same anatomical locations of the MMN generator in both hemispheres in the realistic head model and in Talairach coordinate system, but fifteen subjects (62.5%) didn’t.


2009年April 04 – 07,在匈牙利的Budapest,一群學者齊聚參與MMN 09 Fifth Conference on Mismatch Negativity (MMN) and its Clinical and Scientific Applications。該會議之Final Program 如hyperlink

以下hyperlink則是Frontiers Conferences網站中,對於MMN 09 Fifth Conference on Mismatch Negativity (MMN) and its Clinical and Scientific Applications之重點摘要!

Am J Psychiatry 2010 Jul;167(7):818-27的新文章:Daniel C. Javitt研究團隊,發現MMN是比P300更higher-order 之cognitive impairments Sensory Deficits and Distributed Hierarchical Dysfunction in Schizophrenia (繼續閱讀…)

Auditory Gamma oscillation

Gamma oscillations的重要性:cortical processes之整合 (Basar-Eroglu et al., 1996; Joliot et al., 1994; Senkowski and Herrmann, 2002).
Gamma Activity有幾種?根據Gamma泰斗C.S. Herrmann2005年之Review ArticleHuman EEG gamma oscillations in neuropsychiatric disorders 一文中第2729頁

First episode schizophrenia的anatomy

為何要做FEP(First Episode Psychosis)的研究呢?因為DUP(duration of untreated psychosis)會造成腦部的改變:因此近年來精神分裂症研究,越來越多人在做FEP(First Episode Psychosis)研究,這樣就避開了長時間的疾病導致腦結構改變的爭議了


MMN的stability(test-retest reliability)

這一篇Stability of the mismatch negativity under different stimulus and attention conditions[Clinical Neurophysiology 1999;110(2)Pages 317-323]是MMN方法學上的重要指引

  1. Individual replicability of the MMN amplitudes was generally better when duration deviants were used.
  2. directing attention to the visual task increased the retest reliability of the duration deviance MMN (繼續閱讀…)



Sensory-gating deficit of the N100 mid-latency auditory evoked potential in medicated schizophrenia patients  Original Research Article
Schizophrenia Research, Volume 113, Issues 2-3, September 2009, Pages 339-346: Nash N. Boutros, Anke Brockhaus-Dumke, Klevest Gjini, Andrei Vedeniapin, Mohamad Elfakhani, Scott Burroughs, Matcheri Keshavan


  1. Better gating measures than P50 (Boutros et al. 2004) [Brockhaus-Dumke A,(2008)Schizophr Res. 99:238-249.[242頁表table 3]
  2. N1 reductions specific to schizophrenia may be due to deficits in the primary auditory cortex or NMDA neurotransmitter systems (Javitt et al. 2000) (繼續閱讀…)

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